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Feb 21, 2017

Under 11 comp 2017


Edited: Feb 22, 2017

Plenty of ideas and enthusiasm for an unofficial under 11 football comp . Some of the ideas being suggested around when to play the matches have been half time of senior match and between under 14's and under 17's.

Waaia and Katunga have confirmed their interest in playing games .



Chris - KatungaFNC
Feb 23, 2017

Good Morning all. Katunga put up a proposal to the league and clubs at the start of the 2016 season to put an Under 11's (Fifths) comp in the league.

Currently there is no link from Auskick (Under 8) and playing in the Fourths (U14), unless playing well under size in the 4ths, we could see we were losing our kids to the Shepparton DJFL Primary Schools Footy playing for Numurkah.

Other PDFNL clubs were losing their kids to Numurkah, Nathalia, etc. The SDJFL format from having my own boys play has been a great development pathway for the kids, but takes the kids away from their home clubs splitting families up on Saturday mornings.

Our concerns were then losing junior footballers to other clubs and strains on families.

We want to propose and Under 11 Competition (child turns 11 in the calendar year or younger) playing in a reduced size ground under AFL Junior Rules.

> The SDJFL PS Footy plays Under 10's at 9am and U 12's at 10 am. In that theme we would prefer to start the game at 845am allowing the fourths to start at normal time of 945am.

> Half time in the Seniors is left for Auskick (U8) scratch matches if needed.

> Starting the 5ths first can help top up if the 4ths are short, like is the practice for 4ths to thirds, or 3rds to the seconds or seniors.

> The game would consist of 4 x 10 minute quarters (no time on), with 5 minute breaks at each change. The last quarter cut short to keep to time if needed.

> Working on 12 per side minimum; Coaches allowed on the ground for teaching kids playing positions.

> No scores kept like U11 Netball; Still celebrating a win with the club song.

> Parents to assist in Goal umpiring; time keeping and team managing.

> Home club supplies a fair umpire that has knowledge of the AFL Junior rules, encouraging kids.

> Normal tackling; maximum of 2 bounces; no kicking off the ground to encourage picking it up and correct disposal; Kick in from boundary by opposition.

This format works well in the development of the kids; keeps families at the one club for day. Helps sustain and promote junior participation into the other grades.

Auskick is still conducted at your clubs on Thursday nights or Sunday mornings. This is not Auskick.

Cheers, Chris.

Feb 27, 2017

We'd like everyone to be mindful that the season starts very soon as does the SDJFA and if a decision on this is not made shortly players and parents will be registering with the SDJFA clubs which will make it extremely difficult to get this off the ground this year. Clubs should be mindful that unofficial 11/Under netball competition took a couple of years to develop but now has all clubs fielding a team, many having enough girls/boys to fill two-three teams. If we are able to get even half the clubs interested in fielding a team it's bound to build momentum.